Hello sir/madam,
I am an AS and A level student from India, it was a pleasure to know and be able to use your online platform for my coursework , due to some inconveniences I am forced to write my AS level English Language this November and A level Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry coming march .The pressure is tremendous and I am totally unaware of the resources to guide me through. I am in need for self study A and AS level resources .

by Sreelekha

Dear Sreelekha, 

Thank you for the appreciation.  I perceive that you are under a lot of pressure due to the five A Level subjects you are taking and the short amount of time you are forced to prepare in.  It’s important that you mentally prepare yourself for what’s coming ahead by scheduling your time and dividing it for your particular subjects.   Here is a complete  guide on self study>>>Self Study

For A Level specifically, get the syllabus, print it out and cover it from whichever book you find suitable for you.  It could be either youtube, any standard textbook or Khanacademy or anywhere else you grab the concepts better.   

For Maths, after you have covered your syllabus, I would recommend you to do at least 15 years of past papers because the more you practice, the greater is your chance for an A*.  Never forget to read examiner reports and don’t rely on solved papers book by Redspots.  

Here are some great Examination tips for A Level English language:  http://greeneducationintl.com/blog/2013/09/23/level-english-language-exam-tips/

The rest is up to you.  It’s all in your hands.  The greater input you put, the greater the output.  

Good luck!